Aave Decentralized Lending Protocol documentation

This is the initial version of the Decentralized Lending Pool (DLP) protocol documentation. It details the smart contract interfaces and the API Rest endpoint. Further details will be added to this documentation during the upcoming weeks.

Smart contract structure

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Testnet release

The smart contracts are currently live on the Kovan testnet. A list of the involved addresses follows:





Mock price Oracle


Market Rate Oracle


** NOTE ** Current testnet uses a mock version of the Aave Price Oracle, where prices are currently submitted manually. The Aave price oracle is currently being tested separately and will be integrated accordingly.

ABI Details

The LendingPool smart contract is the primary access to the protocol. Here is a list of the functions currently available. Note during the testnet period, these interfaces will likely change.


    function deposit(address _reserve, uint _amount) public payable

Allows the deposit of the asset identified by the reserve address with the specified amount.

    function withdraw(address _reserve, uint _amount) public 

Allows the withdrawal of the asset identified by reserve with the specified amount.

    function borrow(address _reserve, uint _amount, uint _interestRateMode) public

InterestRateMode is defined with the following Enumerative:

   enum InterestRateMode{

Allows to borrow the specified asset with the specified amount and the specified interest rate mode, as long as the caller previously deposited enough collateral to cover the borrowing.

    function repay(address _reserve, uint _amount, address _onBehalfOf) public payable

Allows the caller to repay (either for himself or on behalf of another address) a specific borrowing. Note: onBehalfOf needs to be equal to msg.sender when the caller wants to repay for himself.

    function swapBorrowRateMode(address _reserve) public 

Allows the caller to swap his borrowing interest rate mode from fixed to variable, or vice versa.

    function collateralCall(address _collateral, address _user, uint _purchaseAmount, address _reserve) public payable

Execute collateral call on a specific asset for a specific account, is the collateral price in ETH is below the liquidation threshold.


    function getReserveData(address _reserve) external view returns(
        uint totalLiquidity,
        uint availableLiquidity,
        uint totalBorrowsFixed, //total amount borrowed on a fixed rate
        uint totalBorrowsVariable, //total amount borrowed on a variable rate
        uint liquidityRate, //depositors APR (in rays)
        uint variableBorrowRate, //variable borrows APR (in rays)
        uint fixedBorrowRate, //current fixed borrow rate (in rays)
        uint averageFixedBorrowRate, //weighted average rate of all the fixed rate borrows  
        uint utilizationRate,
        uint liquidityIndex, //cumulation index of the depositors interest for the whole reserve
        uint variableBorrowIndex) //cumulation index of the variable borrowers interest for the whole reserve

Allows to fetch all the data related to a specific reserve.

    function getUserGlobalData(address _user) external view returns(
        uint totalLiquidityETH, //total liquidity deposited by _user, in ETH
        uint totalBorrowsETH, //total amount borrowed by _user, in ETH
        uint currentLiquidationRatio, //average liquidation ratio on the borrows
        uint ltv, //current average LTV based on the collaterals deposited by the user
        bool isBelowLiquidationThreshold) //if the borrowing is below liquidation threshold 

Fetches the user global data (data across all the reserves)

    function getUserReserveData(address _reserve, address _user) external view returns(
        uint currentLiquidityBalance, //total deposits for _reserve (includes compounded interest)
        uint currentBorrowBalance, //total borrows for _reserve (includes compounded interest)
        uint principalLiquidityBalance, //original amount deposited by _user
        uint principalBorrowBalance, //original amount borrowed by _user
        uint borrowRateMode, //if the current borrow rate mode is fixed or variable
        uint borrowRate, //current rate (might be fixed or variable depending on borrowratemode)
        uint liquidityRate, //current liquidity rate on the deposits
        uint originationFee, //origination fee cumulated from the borrows
        uint liquidityIndex, //cumulation index at the moment of the deposit
        uint variableBorrowIndex)  //cumulation index at the moment of the borrow (only for variable borrowings)

Fetches the user data for a specific reserve.


A set of REST API has been developed to support the integration of the protocol. These endpoints allow to fetch the data from the smart contracts in a easy way and automatically generate the transactions to perform actions. The endpoints are available at the following address: https://dlp-api-dev.testing.aave.com/.

Here is a list of the endpoints:


##### Reserves


Fetches the data of all the reserves.

returns an array of:

    address	//address of the reserve
    name	//name of the reserve
    symbol	//symbol of the reserve
    totalLiquidity	//total liquidity in currency units
    availableLiquidity	//available liquidity in currency units
    totalBorrows	//total borrowed in currency units
    totalBorrowsFixed //total fixed in currency units
    totalBorrowsVariable //total variable in currency units
    liquidityRate //current liquidity interest (in percentage)
    variableBorrowRate	//current variable borrow rate (in percentage)
    fixedBorrowRate	//current fixed borrow rate (in percentage)
    utilizationRate	//current utilization rate


    totalLiquidityBalanceETH //total deposits of the user, in ETH
    totalBorrowBalanceETH	//total borrowed by the user, in ETH
    totalLiquidityBalanceUSD	//total deposits in USD
    totalBorrowBalanceUSD	//total borrowed in USD
    ltv	"105" //current average loan to value calculated on the deposited collaterals
    liquidationRatio //current average liquidation ratio calculated on the deposited collaterals

    reservesData[] {	//details for all the reserves where the user borrowed/deposited something. Note: example values below
        currentBorrowBalance	"6443.541666666666665"
        currentLiquidityBalanceETH	"0"
        currentBorrowBalanceETH	"23.781076961139458327182193119"
        currentLiquidityBalanceUSD	"0"
        currentBorrowBalanceUSD	"5945.26924028486458179554827975"
        principalBorrowBalance	"2500"
        principalLiquidityBalance	"0"
        borrowRateMode	"Fixed"
        borrowRate	"20.00"
        liquidityRate	"8.83"
        symbol	"DAI"
        name	"DAI"
        address	"0xb38d62af93F66976b9AbB4348CfB7E7187301FE1"


All the post actions that can be executed return a transaction object with the following interface:

interface EthereumTransactionModelI {
  from: string;
  to: string;
  data?: string;
  gas?: string;
  value?: string;

The transaction object received can be then signed and submitted by the caller.


payload for the action is:

    userAddress, //address of the caller
    reserve, //address of the reserve
    amount, //amount in currency units
    interestRateMode //interest rate mode, can be 0 (fixed) or 1 (variable)

payload for the action is:

    userAddress, //address of the caller
    reserve, //address of the reserve
    amount, //amount in currency units


payload for the action is:

    userAddress, //address of the caller
    reserve, //address of the reserve
    amount, //amount in currency units


payload for the action is:

    userAddress, //address of the caller
    reserve, //address of the reserve


payload for the action is:

    userAddress, //address of the caller
    reserve, //address of the reserve
    collateral, //address of the collateral to call
    amount //amount of the principal to buy the collateral


Authorizes the protocol to transfer tokens from the user wallet.

payload for the action is:

    userAddress, //address of the caller
    reserve, //address of the reserve